Taylor is a director and editor currently residing in Los Angeles, CA.



Taylor has directed numerous short films, commercials, and music videos over the past decade. His in-depth knowledge and experience with visual effects has helped him to create large scale productions on limited budgets. His music video for “Stroker’s Row” consisted of over 200 effects shots, which he completed single-handedly, and became a SXSW Official Selection.

Taylor’s short film “The Pavement”, along with his Farrelly Brothers short film “Speed Dating”, landed him in the Top 10 for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s Project Greenlight, where he appeared for Season 4.


Theatrical Marketing – Editing

Taylor has had the privilege of editing the movie trailers and TV spots for films from some of his favorite directors, including the Coen Brothers, Danny Boyle, and Jeff Nichols. His work has garnered numerous Key Art and Golden Trailer nominations and awards. Some of his recent trailers include “Hail, Caesar!”, “Steve Jobs”, and “Midnight Special”.